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Get WordPress Page Excerpt

Yesterday I wanted to show page excerpt using get_posts on front page of a theme and of course came to the problem because WordPress does not create page excerpts by default.

So now what? Well the only way I could get page excerpt from a page is by using the excerpt field (not shown on page edit by default) or by automatically clean the content of the page, limit the number of words and output it.

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LTW Content Shortcodes Plugin Released

LTW Content Shortcodes is a plugin that will enable you to include tabs, buttons, columns and toggle elements into your content easily and quickly.

Currently it support four shortcodes: tabs, buttons, columns and toggle.

The reason I made this plugin is because I needed a simple and lightweight plugin that doesn’t have lots of options that are never used. Plus, most of the plugins I’ve tested have crappy code and are just bad. :)

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Add Custom Button to WordPress Visual Editor

Yesterday I wrote an post on responsive web design and each time I wanted to mark the words with the <code> HTML tag, I had to switch to HTML editor, select the word again and click on the code button. Well that was pain in the ass and I don’t want to do that again. :) Now, I knew that you can easily show the hidden buttons to the visual editor.

Here’s an example on how to add the hidden buttons to the visual editor.

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Simple CSS Tabs with jQuery – Version 2

This is the updated version of the CSS tabs that I have posted long time ago. I have included some of the features that were requested.

What’s new in this version of CSS tabs? Quite a few things. You can now set multiple tab containers per page, set active tabs by using hash in the link and two new designs.

The demo and source code are available. If you want to go into details on how everything works, keep reading.

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