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Add New User Role

Roles! Roles? Yes, roles! But I’m not talking about the movie roles that I have been in, none actually. I’m talking about WordPress roles.

In WordPress you can create new roles with different capabilities and add users to it. Neat right? Hard to do? No!

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On Activation, Deactivation or Uninstall Functions

WordPress has a cool little three functions that can help plugin developers do something when the plugin is activated, deactivated or uninstalled.

All three are equally important. If you use activation function to set up your plugin, you should also use at least one of the other two, deactivation or uninstall function. Something that most developers do not do. Result you might ask? A mess in options table. To the gallows with them. ;)

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Get WordPress Page Excerpt

Yesterday I wanted to show page excerpt using get_posts on front page of a theme and of course came to the problem because WordPress does not create page excerpts by default.

So now what? Well the only way I could get page excerpt from a page is by using the excerpt field (not shown on page edit by default) or by automatically clean the content of the page, limit the number of words and output it.

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