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LTW Testimonial – Update 1.3.0

A new update for the LTW Testimonials plugin is now available, version 1.3.0.

This update adds a few new features that were requested by the users of this testimonials plugin.

I’ve also decided that this is the last feature update in the 1.x branch. Bugs will still be fixed but no new features added to 1.x

I’m going to start working on 2.x branch that will include all the features of the current version plus the ones that are missing in 1.x.

2.x will rock your pants off ;)

Also, donations are welcome (button located on the plugin page, link to it is below), even small ones as it takes a lot of time to keep this plugin alive.

Version 1.3.0 (2010/11/02)

  • The “More” link in the widget is now linked to that testimonial. In other words, it will scroll to the testimonial itself when the link is clicked
  • Added new option to widget: Show client picture

To update to the latest version, go to your WP admin plugins page or click here for the download link.


  1. Hi Paul,

    A lot of stuff needs to be changed. Too much to explain it here..
    If you want you can hire me to do it, let me know by contacting me over contact form.


  2. Is it possible to assign rights to editors. I would like my “user” editor to access the plugin as well as admin users.


  3. Tom, you’ll have to change some stuff in the code.

    Try this, open ltw-testimonials.php and at line 151 you will find a few lines of code. In those lines (I think total 5 lines) change ‘administrator’ to ‘moderate_comments’, save and upload.

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