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LTW Testimonials – Update 1.0.2

A new update for the LTW Testimonials plugin is now available.

It fixes 2 bugs that affected the widget.

* Fixed the wrong URL for the "Got a question?"
* Added missing code for saving the two "show more" options in the widget
* Fixed the random bug in the widget

To update to the latest version, go to your WP admin plugins page or click here for the download link.


  1. Hi. Nice plugin. I’m using it on a clients’ site.
    One thing I think would make it more usable >the ability to limit content by number of words on the widget.
    Some of my clients’ testimonials are fairly long and therefore the widget doesn’t really work out.

  2. Hi Alistair,

    Thank you for the idea. Will be included in the next version which should be available soon. ;)

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