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LTW Testimonial – Update 1.3.0

A new update for the LTW Testimonials plugin is now available, version 1.3.0.

This update adds a few new features that were requested by the users of this testimonials plugin.

I’ve also decided that this is the last feature update in the 1.x branch. Bugs will still be fixed but no new features added to 1.x

I’m going to start working on 2.x branch that will include all the features of the current version plus the ones that are missing in 1.x.

2.x will rock your pants off ;)

Also, donations are welcome (button located on the plugin page, link to it is below), even small ones as it takes a lot of time to keep this plugin alive.

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wp_nav_menu() and WordPress 3

WordPress 3 comes with a new very useful feature, menus.

Themes can now use the built-in menu instead of using 100 different solutions. Still, sometimes its better to use 3rd party solution for menu, but let’s leave that alone..

The other day, I was playing around with this function (wp_nav_menu()) and came to a weird problem. At least it looked like that. Actually it looked like a bug.

The problem or the bug was that the DIV’s ID and structure was different.

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