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WordPress Testimonials – Update 1.0.1

New update is available for download.

It fixes a small bug that deleted the HTML and CSS code if you updated the settings page of the plugin.

The Testimonials plugin is now also available on the website. ;)


  1. Good Evening.

    I downloaded the testimonials plugin and it looks just like what I need, but I don’t seem to understand how to get it to display the testimonials on the page I need it to. I am fairly new to WordPress, so it might be something experienced people already know.

    I think I could get it to work as a widget, but what if I want the testimonials to display one after another on a page, say for example the success stories page on my site.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.

    1. Hi Denis,

      To show testimonials on a page, you need to go to “Groups” and in the groups overview table, you will see a column called “Shortcode”. Insert this shortcode into the page where you want to show the testimonials from this selected group.

      The shortcode that you need to insert into page looks like this for example: [testimonial group=”1″]

  2. Frances, any changes made to the plugin?

    The problem you have is that your URL points to:


    The “testimonials/” part is wrong. How did you get that into a URL I have no idea.

  3. Hi Anze,

    The only thing I did was try to edit the php that someone suggested in the comments above for child pages because I saw that the link was saying testimonials. But it didn’t work. I honestly don’t know how it testimonials got in the url. It was like that when I installed. Ideas?

  4. Hi there
    Just having a play around with the plug in – works well.

    May I put fwd a couple of functions to consider for the next release

    1) – If there is no picture attached to the testimonial, then have it so that an empty picture box doesn’t show when displayed.

    2)- To be able to add a coloured background (you know the usual yellowish one that seems to be a standard across the web)

  5. Frances, hmm, honestly no idea. Try by re-installing the plugin if you made changes to it. It’s hard to say without any access to your site.

    Mark, those are already on the todo list.

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